Guesstures: How to Play It

Game Contents from the Original 1990 Version: Guesstures is a simple game to play, with only a few contents in the box. Included are the Guesstures cards, the Mimer Timer, a score-keeping crayon, and the instructions. If the game were new, some stickers would also be included to put on your Mimer Timer, but I purchased my copy of Guesstures at my local thrift store for 1.99, and the stickers were already affixed.

Timer and Scorecard for the Guesstures Game

You've only got a few seconds to get your team to guess your Guesstures Words.

Players: Guesstures is a team game, needing a minimum of four players, but having no maximum team size. Divide the players into two teams–try to be even if possible, but if one team has an additional player, it is okay. Each team cycles through its roster, with each player acting out four words on the Guesstures cards.

Guesstures Scenes and Cards:After you have divided your group into teams, each team will act out Guesstures cards in two Scenes (rounds). In Scene one, players draw from the blue card deck, while drawing from the red deck in Scene two.

Using the Mimer Timer: Decide which team will go first. Place the Mimer Timer on a flat surface in front of the first actor. Open the arm of the Mimer Timer, and push the switch on the right-hand side of the unit upwards. This prevents the timer from winding down before the round begins. Wind up the Mimer Timer by twisting the knob until it will not twist further.

Beginning the Game: Draw four cards of the appropriate color from the card box. Notice that the cards have two words printed on them: a “1″ word and a “3″ word. That number signifies the point value of the associated word, with the 1-point words being easier than 3-point words. The Actor chooses which of the words from his four cards that he wants to act out, and then he places them into the Mimer Timer. Only the actor should be able to see the words on the Mimer Timer.

Notice that the timer has a scale of “Easy” to “Hard” printed from left to right on the Mimer Timer. The cards placed in or near the “Easy” section will be swallowed first by the timer, while the cards nearest to “Hard” will be in play longer. The Actor should arrange his cards in a manner to best take advantage of this game mechanic.

Push the arm of the Mimer Timer down. It will press against the black button that you moved to the up position, starting the Mimer Timer. The first actor now begins outing out the words in order, and his team tries to guess the word. Do not skip any words. Get your teammates to guess them, or wait until they are swallowed up to move onto the next Guesstures word. When someone guesses a word, grab it quickly, before the Mimer Timer discards of it, and your points are lost. Continue acting until all of the cards have been swallowed by the timer, or your team has guessed all of the words. Note: If your team guesses a form of the word, it counts in most cases. If you clue is “Nag” and your team guesses “Nagging,” it is acceptable. However, if your clue is “Milkshake” and your team guesses “Milk,” it is not an acceptable answer.

Guesstures Rules:

Use these rules for Guesstures: 1)Don’t make any sounds
2)You may use props or visual aids that are available in your playing area. Pointing to people, animals, or objects is acceptable.
3)You may mouth words silently as long as it is not the word that you are trying to get your teammates to guess.
4)You may use traditional charades gestures, but you may find them to be too slow to work with Guesstures.

Scoring and Winning the Game of Guesstures:

At the end of your turn, add the total point value of any cards that your team successfully guessed and you grabbed. Use the crayon to write the score in your teams section. The other team now plays. Continue cycling back and forth between teams until each player on each team has had a chance to Guessture. When all players have Guesstured, begin Scene 2. Scene 2 is played the same as Scene 1, except the red cards have “2″ and “4″ point words. At the end of Scene 2, the team with the highest point total is the winner.

Non-Scoring Guesstures: If you want to enjoy a less competitive version of Guesstures, allow everyone to take turns acting while the entire group guesses, instead of dividing the group into teams.

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